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Your first contract win

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Your entry into advanced compliance allowing for the award of larger contracts

Your expansion or exit? M&A, Novation, Business Strategy Plan ready for execution

Choose the option that best fits your needs.

We can assist you in gaining a better competitive edge and understanding of government contracting through a complete training program, digital tools such as a Contract Management System or Sales Pipeline and services such as monthly consulting, leadership programs and brainstorming sessions to allow for a boost in creativity.

Government Contracts Training Program
Digital Systems and Tools
Consulting and Services

Which option is right for you?

Whether you're new to the public sector (world of government contracting) or looking to advance your skills to better market your business to the government, take your business to the next level with one of our comprehensive services.

Self-Learning Option 

Learn the strategies and techniques used in government contracting with virtual courses at your own pace when convenient for you.

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Consulting & Training

Learn with a consultant who will teach you how to create demad for your products and services within the government market.

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Playbook to Success

Get a clear picture of the various key metrics of your business and how to measure and improve your business with a digital solution.

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Corporate Solutions

Large-scale growth strategies for financially secure, established businesses interested in government contracting.

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At the Contracts Lab, we are always available to have a conversation with you in case you require custom options.

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Consider this - 

A comprehensive approach with many other services included.

Not just learning the Federal Acquisition Regulations but the actual application of those principles to your business. In addition, don't pay extra for other services elsewhere. Ask how we can create a one-stop source for your business to further enhance and add value to your learning process.


More benefits - 

Methodologies, Information, Tools, and Resources that you won't find anywhere else.

A perspective on the government contracting market that you won't find anywhere else along with information, tools, and resources that you may not have even considered yet.

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One more benefit for your business - 

Concierge Service to save you time and provide convenience & support.

Let us do the work in finding the right solutions. If you have a need for a product or service we can assist in sourcing and procuring the right solution for you. There are many aspects to government contracting and a ton of solutions out there for almost everytihng. Use this service to make your search and evaluation process easier. We can assist with implementation of your chosen solutions as well. 


Complimentary SAM Registration

Government Contracts Training Program

Monthly Consulting Subscription

Leadership Program for GovCon

Business Startup Package

Concierge Service

Newsletter Subscription

Automation Solution

Sales Pipeline for Government Contracting

Business Decision Assessment Tool

Pricing Template

Contract Management System

Immediate value for no obligation - 

Complimentary SAM Registration and/or SAM Optimization for Existing Registrations

The Contracts Lab is proud to offer our complimentary training on how to register your business to pursue government contracts with the United States Federal Government. The System for Award Management (SAM) registration is the first step and a requirement. Click the button below to take advantage of this offer.

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The Contracts Lab was designed to serve the market looking for a custom government contracting service at a fair price and premium value.

The most exclusive place to build your expertise, business and presence in the government contracting market.

Tools, Policies, Practices



Customization, Learning Styles, Support, Flexibility



Strategy, Method, Procedure, Templates, Guides



Alignment of Tools, Support, and Resources to your business goals to stay on track


We provide all of the knowledge to position your business in the best way to win your first government contract.


There are many data points to consider to get from start to finish | Business Processes | Government  Requirements | Economic Conditions | Competition | Uncontrollable Conditions |

Interested in government contracting but feel lost, overwhelmed, incomplete, still confused?

At The Contracts Lab, we invent business solutions when it feels like there are none that matter to you. After working with us, you will have a clear roadmap to pursue work with the government. We have a consultative, teach-first approach so you won’t feel lost when your project is complete. We have a passion for supporting businesses to increase their revenue, profitability, and competitive advantage in the industry.

We help companies of any size doing business with or interested in doing business with the government (1) stay out of trouble with custom compliance and quality programs, (2) get out of trouble with custom management and operations solutions and (3) remain out of trouble going forward with custom methods, tools, processes and training.

Schedule a call at a time that is convenient for you to discuss a custom solution for your business together.

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We are a sustainable government contract consulting firm based in the Washington, DC metro area with a passion for small business, competition, quality, teaching and community. Our strategy is going bold, being scientific, methodical, and efficient for the client. The goal is for you to say that The Contracts Lab is the best at what we do.

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